Patxi Pierce Web Developer, Programmer and Freelancer.


  • Full name Andres Pascal Pierce Becker.

  • Place of birth Austin, Texas, USA.

  • Date of birth 15th of Noviember, 1983.

  • Nationalities U.S.A. / Chilean / Spanish.

  • Marital status Single.

  • Current Location Oporto, Portugal.


  • English Native

  • Spanish Native

  • Portuguese Intermediate

  • French Basic


General Systems:

  • Programming / Software Engineering Good

  • Linux (Debian) Expert

  • Linux Administrator / Operator Good

Programing, Markup, Libraries and Frameworks:

  • JavaScript jQuery, Riot, Node.js and Npm.

  • Php Symfony, Phern, Composer.

  • Python Django, Flask.

  • Bash scripting Backup automation, cache handling, server maintenance.

  • Design and markup HTML5, CSS, XML, JSON, XSLT.

  • Databases MySQL (MariaDB), PostgreSQL, SQLite.

Media manipulation:

  • G.I.M.P. (Raster)

  • Inkscape (Vectorial)

  • Audacity (Audio)


  • Firewall configuration.

  • Design of secure networks.

  • Encryption, Cryptanalysis.

  • System forensics.

  • Compression and backup management.

Development methods and tools:

  • Test driven development.

  • Git, subversion.

  • SSH, Vim, Sublime text.

  • Browser debugging tools.

Other skills:

  • API harnessing and API design.

  • Proxy, Network and Server setup.

  • SEO (Search engine optimization).

  • General research and fast learning.


  • November '04 – December '04

    Open Source Network Operation, Xerberos.S.L. Madrid, Spain.

  • May '03 – October '03

    Advanced photography course. UCV, Caracas, Venezuela.

  • March '93 – December '01

    Colegio Rubén Darío, Santiago, Chile.


  • PatxiPierce.comMarch '11 to Now

    Self-Employed developer and designer

    Freelance, contractor and agency work. Plugins, add-ons, mostly for Wordpress, Woocommerce, Prestashop, or other open source solutions. Theme development and design realization. Creative scripting solutions, using web scraping, MVC development.

  • Hi-mediaOctober '10 to January '11

    Trafficker in performance marketing

    Optimizing user tracking technology in different web environments, ad media/rich media manipulation. The maintenance and tracking of different commission models (PPS, PPC, PPL).

  • ZANOXMarch '09 to November '10

    Technical Sales Engineer

    Implementation of tracking technology in diverse online environments and devices, ad media and sale operation management. The maintenance and tracking using Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), API or Web Service development and the eventual Ad Media design or technical improvement.

  • MIVA MediaMarch '06 to September '08

    Implementation technician

    Setting up contextual adds in several editorial web pages. Working with several server side scripting languages such as ASP, PHP and JavaScript (including several libraries an frameworks), databases and markup languages.

  • FreelancerJanuary '06 to February '06


    Creation, development, positioning and maintenance of web pages. English / Spanish translation of real estate and legal documents.

  • Xerberos S.L.November '04 to December '05

    Intern - Web Developer

    PHP programmer, design and development of the site. Image and audio manipulation on different media. Network maintenance, setup, surveillance, and repair. Apache setup and configuration in *nix type systems.

Interests and notes:

I am interested in UX design, language, Linux, FreeBSD and *nix operating systems, compression and administration of networked systems.


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