"Patxi" Pierce Becker

Lets face it, a lot of people customize their resume before submitting it to an employer, it shows dedication and initiative. If I haven't sent you my resume, you can look at the generated ones below to enquire about my skill set.

People are a lot of things, some are good at tennis, some are better at chess.

If you really want a programmer who's good at tennis, I suggest you don't hire me.



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Interview Questions

Would I work 40+ hours a week?

Yes. If I believe in the mission I'll work for as long as my health holds.

What are my career goals?

I want to be able to live wherever I want. I think I've done that already.

What are my strengths?

I'm adaptable, open minded, and I can teach myself just about anything.

What are my hobbies?

Music, books, creative programming.

Am I willing to relocate?

Mostly yes.