Andres (Patxi) Pierce Becker

Lets face it, a lot of people customize their resume before submitting it to an employer, it shows dedication and initiative. If I haven't sent you my resume, you can look at the generated ones below to enquire about my skill set.

So in the IT profession, we learn new things. If you didn't want to learn new things, you should get into lumber. There has not been a new tree in quite a long time.

~ Jeffrey Snover

I'm also into trees. Radix trees, suffix trees and hash trees.



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Interview Questions

What is my favorite website?

Wikipedia is number one. Even if their delivery is terrible. Honorable mentions to 8tracks, Tumblr, Reddit, Facebook and Twitter.

Am I willing to relocate?

Mostly yes.

How would I deal with an angry or irate customer?

Like I deal with most problems: Find the problem, settle it, and iterate.

What are my hobbies?

Music, books, creative programming.

What motivates me?

The promise of doing something meaningful that will make life better to a degree.