Andres (Patxi) Pierce Becker

Lets face it, a lot of people customize their resume before submitting it to an employer, it shows dedication and initiative. If I haven't sent you my resume, you can look at the generated ones below to enquire about my skill set.

Money will not make you happy and happy will not make you money.

~ Groucho Marx

I like a little bit of happy where I make my money.



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Interview Questions

Would I work holidays/weekends?

I'm a freelancer, weekends are a Greek myth to me.

Am I a leader or a follower?

Neither. I only follow when I can see a point in doing so, and I only lead by example.

What are my hobbies?

Music, books, creative programming.

What are some of my leadership experiences?

I've been the head and toes of a one man software company for over 7 years.

Describing myself in three words.

I'm cheerful. Conscious of others. Honest. And a bit of a rebel.