Patxi's Resume.






General Systems:

  • Programming / Software Engineering Good

  • Linux (Debian) Expert

  • Linux Administrator/Operator Good

  • Microsoft environments Good

Programing, Markup, Libraries and Frameworks:

  • JavaScript jQuery, Riot, Node.js and npm.

  • Php and Python Symfony, Django, Flask, Phern.

  • Bash scripting Backup automation, cache handling, server maintenance.

  • Design and markup HTML5, CSS, XML, JSON, XSLT.

Image manipulation:

  • G.I.M.P. (Raster)
  • Inkscape (Vectorial)

Data Bases:

  • MySQL
  • PostgreSQL
  • SQLite


  • Firewalls
  • Design of secure networks.
  • Encryption, Cryptanalysis
  • System forensics
  • Compression and backup management.

Development methods and tools

  • Test driven development.
  • Git, subversion.
  • SSH, Vim, Sublime text (on local machine).
  • Browser debugging tools (Chrome, Firefox).

Other skills:

  • API harnessing and API design.
  • Proxy, Network and Server setup.
  • SEO (Search engine optimization).
  • General research and fast learning.

Interests and notes:

I am interested in UX design, language, Linux, FreeBSD and *nix operating systems, compression and administration of networked systems.